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Teleippica, a subsidiary of the largest Italian betting network (SNAI), prepares and delivers thousands of media contents concerning horse-races and related betting every year.

Teleippica is on air 24/7 with massive live contents delivered every day. They broadcast 22,000 horse races through satellite and stream over the internet every year. In addition Teleippica produces several TV shows and newscasts where main trends in the horse racing and and betting world are narrated. Finally, using their radio channel, they transmit live updates on the latest betting odds and news.

Teleippica is based in Porcari (Lucca) and Rome. In both these locations there is a teleport and a production centre from where live signals from dozens of racetracks are received, processed and delivered through five TV channels to authorized betting centres and in-home set-top-boxes. Newscasts, TV shows and the radio channel are also produced in Rome and Porcari.




Teleippica needed to modernise its entire broadcast infrastructure to be able to receive, process, record and play back contemporary events and to deliver to viewers live contents received from 44 racetracks spread all over Italy. Moreover, they needed to refurbish the facilities where newscasts, TV shows and radio broadcasts are produced. The new infrastructure had to guarantee five nines availability and so needed the most modern, resilient and redundant broadcast equipment.

All these changes had to be effected while the five channels were on-air, live productions were taking place and in short, the entire legacy infrastructure was running. This aspect represented an extremely challenging activity from project management, implementation, testing and commissioning points of view. Video Progetti system team had to accurately plan each phase of the project and implement it in the fastest and most efficient way so that daily operations were not compromised.




To satisfy our customer’s requests Video Progetti system team designed a main infrastructure assembled in Porcari and a disaster recovery (DR) facility developed in Rome. These two broadcast centres guarantee the high resiliency which was requested for broadcasting thousands of live events safely each year.

In Porcari we built seven production control rooms (PCRs), two TV studios and the entire networking and monitoring infrastructure.

Rome represents the DR from where all the signals received in the Porcari facility can be handled and most of the main operations repeated. Both in Rome and Porcari a teleport is present and the broadcasting of the five channels can be handled from either facility. All the incoming signals are recorded and handled through the entire productivity chain using the powerful Mantrics Workflow Manager, a software developed by Video Progetti, leveraging our solid and wide spread knowledge of entire media content preparation processes.

The implementation phase was based on extensive project management and planning activities. The team pre-cabled the entire new facility during the daylight hours and installed it during the nights. In this way regular broadcast operations could go ahead without hindrance and the new infrastructure was up and running within the planned time frame. After installation, our qualified technical department tested the entire infrastructure. Moreover, Video Progetti product specialists trained and provided daily operational support to Teleippica operators during the first months of production.




Today Teleippica is the main Italian media hub related to horse races and associated betting. Its top-class broadcast infrastructure, which is under Video Progetti maintenance contract, allows them to prepare and deliver high quality contents through satellite and the Internet. Video Progetti is constantly in touch with this customer to suggest cutting-edge technologies and procedures that can further optimize its workflows.


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