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Persidera is a joint venture between two former Italian network operators: Telecom Italia Broadcasting (TIMB), which used to be a division of Telecom Italia, and Rete A, a subsidiary of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, the largest Italian editorial group.

The new company, 70% owned by Telecom Italia and 30% by Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, with its five digital multiplexers, represents the leading independent Italian television network operator. It provides DTT broadcasting, content preparation, play-out, over-the-top (OTT) delivery, connectivity and several other multimedia services to the main television editors that operate in the Italian market and abroad.




To create from scratch the media content preparation and play-out infrastructure of the largest Italian independent television network operator is a challenge that every broadcast system integrator would like to successfully address.

Word class content owners demand reliable multi-platforms and cost-effective, localized media distribution from service providers.

So original contents must be adapted to the requirements of the specific region of distribution and resolution, size, codec, graphics and several other aspects of the delivered media must be adjusted according to each selected distribution platform (e.g. OTT or DTT)

A modern content preparation facility has to be able to satisfy all these requirements and to deliver the generated media over multiple platforms. Moreover, every aspect of the entire processing chain must be monitored and the different operational areas have to be interconnected by a solid and efficient IP network.

In order to satisfy its major customer requests, Persidera play out infrastructure needed to be designed and implemented in a short time using only cutting edge technologies.




Following all these challenging customer requests, we built a content preparation and play out infrastructure through which Persidera team can address all the most demanding content owners’ needs.

The facility is in Rome and receives media essences from all over the world. Once content is ingested the entire productivity chain is handled using the powerful Mantrics Workflow Manager. The orchestrator software was internally developed by Video Progetti and sold to several first-class customers. After contents are ingested, catalogued and processed, they are delivered over DTT and OTT platforms.

Installation and testing of the entire infrastructure was handled by Video Progetti system team. Moreover, our qualified technical support department and our product specialists trained and provided operational support to the Persidera operators during the first months of work.




The business idea behind Persidera and its implementation were so successful that after few months of work more than the expected number of content owners requested its services. For this reason, a complete relocation of the entire play-out facility became necessary. This second, delicate task was also entrusted to Video Progetti, who accomplished it without interfering with customer daily operations. The legacy infrastructure was switched-off and the new one switched-on without any type of service interruption whatsoever.

Today Persidera is the largest Italian independent play out infrastructure. They prepare and deliver contents over 60 channels and for customers such as Discovery Communications, Viacom International, Sky Italia, Cairo Communication and several other first class editors. The entire infrastructure is under Video Progetti maintenance contract and our team is ready to help the customer with any future implementation.


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