Broadcast Distribution

With more that 25 years of successful activity, Video Progetti today is a leading Italian distributor for broadcast equipment. We have offices both in Rome and Milan with sales, systems, pre and post sales teams equally divided between our two facilities. In this way we are able to offer our high quality services to the north, center and south of Italy.

The current Italian media market is characterized by four large broadcasters (Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Sky), four major network operators (Rai Way, Elettronica Industriale, Persidera and Telecom Italia), several OB van services, a small group of postproduction houses, a few profitable regional televisions and several small companies that operate in different ways in the media market. Video Progetti is constantly in touch with all the main players of this market. All the big broadcasters, network operators, OB van services and the medium size posthouses and regional TV broadcasters are directly followed by our inside sales team. So top-class broadcast manufactures can access our competent and motivated sales force to increase their sales volume in the region. On the other hand manufacturers that build cost-effective products can take advantage of our widespread resale program in order to reach all the smaller entities that operate in the Italian media market. These manufactures can also leverage our system integration capability in order to insert their boxes in high-end systems.

Video Progetti is not only a “box-mover”. We have labs in Rome and Milan where our technical teams provide post sales support for many different products. We also have a pre-sales engineering team which configures solutions and help sales managers in their activities. In addition we have a system team that designs and delivers fully functional and solid audio video systems. In this way we add value to our sales activity and can provide a solid and competent market presence to all that manufacturers and service providers who want to become an integral part of the Italian market.

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